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M&L Webinar: Recent findings from research on video & pedagogy

The new M&L webinar “Recent findings from research on video & pedagogy” will take place on Thursday 7 May (15:00 CET). It will hightlight some of the recent research activities on video in education.

Video-supported learning is becoming an increasingly important part of contemporary…


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OpenCast 2015 Conference Presentations on YouTube

Presentations from the 2015 OpenCast Conference (held on 25th to 27th of March 2015 at The University of Manchester) are now available on YouTube. Just to name a few: Professor Richard J. Reece, (Associate Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Students, University of Manchester) talks about some of the…


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The Up Side of Upside Down: Center for Digital Education and Sonic Foundry Study Shows Flipped Classrooms Are on the Rise

First there was lecture capture: professors could record their classrooms without changing the way they taught. Then came flipped classrooms – the lecture-first, discussion-later response to an increasing demand by students for a more personalized education experience. Adoption of the flipped classroom is rising rapidly and teachers are discovering what new opportunities flipping can bring for them to change the way of learning and teaching.

The Center for Digital Education, in…


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UCL Case Study - Dr Carl Gombrich, Programme Director, BASc, talks about flipping

In this UCL REC:all case study Carl Gombrich describes his experiences of lecture flipping in the Approaches to Knowledge course ( on the UCL Arts and Sciences BASc, which was a large (84 students) interdisciplinary humanities course.

For this course about 80% of the lectures were flipped and so the former lecture slots were used for…


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UCL Case Study - Dr Andrew Wills, Department of Chemistry, talks about lecture capture

Dr Andrew Wills, Director of Studies, Department of Chemistry, UCL talks about his work with video to improve the student learning experience. As one of the UCL REC:all case studies Andrew used Lecturecast (UCL's rebranding of the Echo360 system) extensively and developed material in small bite-size chunks to help students with exam questions. In this video clip he talks about his experiences of using lecture capture with students, the advantages and disadvantages and some…


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The UCL 'Case Study' - five videos on UCL's lecture capture experience

UCL was the lead partner for REC:all and over the course of the project we realised that the situation in UCL was developing very rapidly and that we should as part of REC:all go beyond the four case studies as originally envisaged in order to capture some institutional issues.

To do this we spoke to many practitioners beyond the four original participants. In order to capture their experience, and in the spirit of the project, we shot a number of short films to…


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Lecture Capture debate - is it a “game changer”?

In a short video The ‘disruptive potential’ of lecture capture posted in December I challenged a astonishingly persistent…


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The ‘disruptive potential’ of lecture capture

Over the last two years our Erasmus REC:all project has been looking at the potential of lecture capture both to support conventional teaching but more importantly to enable and encourage new learning designs such as flipping.  

Lecture capture has traditionally had a bit of a bad reputation among learning technologists, encapsulated by Mark Smithers’ much-quoted blog post…


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Video interview on insights gathered out of 15 case studies in REC:all, by Sylvia Moes

In this 11 minutes video interview I'm talking about the function of video in which manner we can assist lectureres to create quality time during colleges, to achieve higher order learning goals. Based on a recent publication of Sealfon, C.D., we have learned that students can learn lower order learning goals outside the classroom, with integration of video, text, animations, etc. and that contact time is important to achieve deeper learning. 

Via the url below you can…


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Clip about use of knowlegde and instruction clips, plus interactive live webinars in an online learning platform

In this clip, Salva Calvet of the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) is talking about the integration of knowledge and instruction…


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Beyond recorded lectures during "De Onderwijsdagen"

Tomorrow I will give a presentation about the framework of REC:all based on outcomes of the case studies.

Besides the framework were a relation is made between learning activities and integration of media, we also worked on a framework which is filled up with tools to create these media.



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Recording: From E-Learning to Active Learning: Transforming the Learning Environment

Always on the forefront of education and research, University College London (UCL) claims one of the world’s most sophisticated e-learning strategies and learning environments. Over the last four years UCL, the lead partner at of REC:all has run a major initiative to increase the use of lecture capture across the institution. The Echo 360 system is used, rebranded as “Lecturecast”, and starting with a small pilot project the number of instillations has rapidly grown to 62 across the…


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Video on experiences with Lecture Capture at UPV

This 6 minute video gives you an overview on how lecture capture is being used by the REC:all partners at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in Spain. Professors and students describe their experiences with the more classical lecture capture methods as well as the “Polimedias”: short studio recordings where-in professors focus on a…


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Polycom Issue Brief "The New Video Collaboration Culture in Education"

Polycom publishes policy brief "The New Video Collaboration Culture in Education" describing how to prepare students for the future with video-enhanced learning. This Issue Brief on the state of video in education covers how flipped classrooms become easier to achieve, how classrooms can be enriched with subject matter experts and virtual trips and how classroom content can be recorded and be made available on demand.…


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"MOVIE": Developing multiform video pedagogy

In the MOVIE project the research team from diverse Finnish organisations will compare effects of lecture capture in distance learning to enriching local participation at classroom. Research data is collected from mathematics, physics, and chemistry lectures in teacher training at the University of Eastern Finland, Savonlinna campus.

150 students are divided into three groups: the first group will attend the courses as normal classroom lessons, the second group will attend the courses…


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TU Delft NewMedia Centre's "Step by step plan for video production for online distance education

hello Folks,

This tutorial is to be found in Slideshare under my name or with keywords.

The Library NewMedia Centre of the TU Delft helps teachers and pedagogical advisors in creating online courses in MOOC's, blended bachelors and online masters.

This tutorial proved to be of great value.

And it might be complementing the guides already published.

Leon Huijbers, Head of NewMedia Centre TU Delft

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Video Enriched Skeleton Conceptmapping in the subject ‘Giants of Sociology’

‘Giants of Sociology’ is a first year sociology bachelor course at VU University Amsterdam.

This year lecturer Marja Artsen implemented ‘video enriched skeleton concept mapping’  as a new teaching method in this course to:

  • improve the student’s understanding of rather…

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REC:all presented at DIVERSE in Osnabrück

Both Sylvia Moes from VU University Amsterdam and Clive Young from UCL presented the REC:all project at the DIVERSE conference in Osnabrück today. Sylvia began by describing one of the case studies under review by the project  partners while Clive gave a broad overview of how lecture capture is enabling new learning design. Copies of their slides will be available shortly on the DIVERSE website along with recordings of…


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How to flip the Study Trip? Video clip and evaluation on the case study: Rome in the film, Film in Rome

Background information

A teacher of the Faculty of Arts, in the field of history of film (dr. Ivo Blom) planned a study trip to Rome in co-operation with the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome for 13 students. The students were coming out of different universities, (bachelor 2nd and 3rd year).

The study trip was planned from September 17th –…


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Digital Video Transforms Teaching: "not only in Higher Ed"

I just read a very nice article about how video transformed teaching in K12 (to a flipped classroom).

A quote out of the article: "no single technology has brought a more profound change to some teachers' instructional practices than the evolution of digital…


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