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Overview of the project

More and more universities across Europe are recording their live lectures and then putting them online ('weblectures') as a way to support both on and off campus students. Video is an increasingly a core feature of the virtual campus with significant sector investment in lecture capture systems, podcasts, multimedia lecture theatres, i-Tunes and streaming services. Lecture capture technology itself is rapidly evolving conceptually from a passive recording method to a focus of 'social video' linked to participative and student-centred models. Integration with the social networking tools of institutional learning environments and the easy creation of video-based podcasts can allow previously ephemeral events to be analysed, shared and discussed. However this potential is so far barely exploited by universities, where material is too often still presented in a traditional linear format.

The partnership joins experts across Europe who are currently investigating and  implementing significant lecture recording initiatives in higher education to explore new ways in which this practice might become more pedagogically rich, investigating a variety of pedagogical, technical, quality, cross-cultural and legal issues.

Aims of REC:all

REC:all will initially research how lectures are currently being captured and used, suggest learning designs for flexible and off-campus delivery, review technical, pedagogical and legal issues and produce practical guidelines to help teachers. The project will also develop an active community of practitioners in this exciting area, working with existing academic communities such as ViTAL (UK) and OASE (Netherlands).

In the second year REC:all will test a range of lecture capture use as carefully selected mini-projects. The projects will be fully evaluated with a focus on student feedback. The aim is to develop transferable and practical pedagogical models and reference benchmarks of good practice. These will be developed and tested in the form of a set of REC:all guidelines –technological/pedagogical guidance fully supported by web resources including examples of use.


REC:all is a transnational learning technology project funded by the EC Education and Culture - Lifelong Learning Programme. The partnership consists of:

Background information about streaming media technologies and their applications within the partner institutions can be found here.


Dr Clive Young
Project manager

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